The Government does not want us to live within our means

They want us to artificially inflate the economy by borrowing until it hurts. Bankrupting the country is of no concern to them as they are just in office a short period of time. They make as many favorable policy changes during that time and assume when the ^&%$^ hits the fan they can just go on vacation for 10 years and reap the benefits of there actions. If you think that this will continue forever and credit will be pass out like sample cigarettes were 30 years ago then you’re a fool. Eventually everyone has to pay up but when it comes to the government since that is us then what ever they charge us or out children will have to pay.

Besides when government is broke they can’t afford social programs which means that people have to work for cheap. Cheap labor is how big companies make money. Our current government is all about providing for big business as that is who put them in office in the first place. They want to end the social programs that allow people to demand reasonable wages because they hurt those that fund their careers.

The only way to stop this is to not be in a position to be cheap labor and have your financial ducks in a row despite all the pressure to do otherwise. Make sure you help everyone you can to do the same. Lead by example and be that shinning light. Dry up that pool of cheap labor by supporting a culture of financial responsibility with frugal spending and elimination of a consumerism driven lifestyle should be the goal of everyone that finds what is going on appalling.

I will say “things can be worse” Tom. Not to you, right now, true. But think of it this way: If you off yourself, THEY WIN! What then have YOU proven? Why the heck you would have to ‘leave’ is beyond me.

Yeah, I got SSI for years, because of the damn blindness. Because I did NOT want to be a freeloader, I still tried for work! For 22 years and being turned away for something I grew up with…. Not something I ’caused’, so I’m sorry if you paid a few dollars in taxes to keep ‘people like me’ (My quotes) alive. If it makes you feel better, now I pay into the system as well too, and am dang proud to!

I see comments about the elderly and disabled you make, It reminds me of the views I’ve been up against all my life. Even my fellow was told “Your girlfriend’s just a sponger! Livin’ on our taxes… Whyn’t you dump her?”…

I still maintain, my biggest “disability” would usually be the people around me!