I am not going to be the one to tell you what others might do

However, I will tell you what I done to help myself. To give you a background on me. I am 27, college full time, 2 kids 7 and 5 and my husband is 27 and full time student working on his Doctorate degree. We have 2 new vehicles, and I work from home. I have inherited Attention Deficit (ADD) most people say, bipolar, depression, and a sleeping disorder.(I never sleep, about 2-3 hrs in 24 hour period) I have a really hard time dealing with stress, completing any task I start and I snap if I do not take my medication.

My point in all of this you ask, I resort to spending money as my point of relaxtion. I have an addiction to spending money. I will be on my way to my destination and have 2 dollars only and find myself ordering off of the dollar menu at Micky Dees. (McDonalds)Do you see my point, I was not even hungry.

I enrolled into a church to calm me down and redirect some of my rage. I took on teaching Sunday school and a Special education seminar for parents with Special Needs Children, I began getting counseling threw the church for money management (free most every where including at banks, just ask), I started medication and you would not even believe the change. I in 3 months, paid off 10,000 dollars of debt on my Discover card, 8,000 dollars debt on my visa, and had 4,000 dollars in savings until we went to Disney World w/kids.

Ken there are places in communities, churches, banks and even libraries have classes on finance. Just pick up the phone book and start calling. Also do like my husband if you wife cant budget the check book then sit down do it together or you do it. He took it from me until I new how to control the situation. I still have some problems but with the Lord behind me I can and will accomplish it. I will keep you in my prayers. Good Luck.

Unfortunately, that is the way of Politics and capitalism. We are here to get out of the trap laid for us, and that’s it. You live in a good area for public transport, why buy Gas? Times I was in SF, it was a lot like NYC… almost better to NOT have a car to worry about in the City. You don’t have to support their gas habit if you don’t want to, at least not all the time.

I also note SF is one of the highest cost places to live too. If you’re not anchored there, have you thought of getting out of that area? It’s more expensive to live there than where I live and it’s pretty upper end here too…..

Bank debit card would also work if there’s a visa or MC logo on it. No debt, comes out of your checking account right away.

I usually don’t use those services. I go to friends’ houses and borrow their stuff 🙂