Living like animals

I remember “living like animals” when I was growing up. It was very bad. The hurt will remain with me all my life. Simple joys denied. Being different from everyone else.

A sense of isolation and punishment. The denial of basics led me to graduate from college and law school. I had enough finally. Then, I faced a catastrophic chronic illness. My now is pretty bad and my future may not be worth living. This country has vast richness. I see no excuse for for it. My parents worked as hard as the president of the United States. My life seems to be shaped by the lack of things that are taken for granted by most people.

There is disciplined frugal life. There is also much worse. I do agree that increased earnings do not translate to being debt-free. My law school classmates all complained about their debt. We were expected to have too much too soon.

A good letter today!

I got a good letter from MBNA about them receiving my last payments of the loan from 2010! “PAID” is a good thing to see!!

I sold my 1984 Martin guit to get rid of the debt, and feel a lot better now.

I have a LOT of hours this week coming, so will be able to pay another good chunk off Juniper and the Target Card…. (So the Times article about Target was VERY timely)!

I started off in 2010 in the pits. While I’m in no way ‘debt free’, it IS looking up. Little selling off here and there, getting that P/T job and taking hours for the others there, it’s all helping. little bits throughout the years, I’ve shot down three biggies, and have Target, Barclaycard and GE Financial, The collectors, and then I’m up and out I’m thinking in roughly 5 years. 2 more on the collectors, and then the others will be paid with that $300.00 a month. even with the Juniper… even that little $20-35.00 a month extra…. That is making a difference too.

I even got an order for 4 hand painted tee shirts from someone off the internet yesterday who also happens to live locally near to my place (YAY!), and so that’ll net me a bit of spare to use for debt, or to help with regular expenses in August!

No matter how hopeless it seems, it WILL and DOES get better. I made the last payment to Micro center 2 years ago, and paid off MBNA, now to get Target and Barclaycard gone. This alone is a huge step for me. I remember feeling so hopeless and out of it at the beginning of Yule in 2001, But I guess I’m hoping this may offer some hope for others in debt like me.

congrats on all your hard work! it seems to be paying off! Good luck with your plan…. looks like your doing just great!

Thank you… I think when we all have ‘little successes’ it’s good to post to the list so others can see there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. I still have debt, but getting it relieved every time I can is a big step, and makes me feel better.

On the TODAY show this morning, they had a debt lady on talking about how “Sale!” is always in our faces and how we should avoid them, really, because every week there’s a SALE. Half the time we don’t need what we get, but as she says many folks are using ‘retail therapy’ in order to feel better about something or themselves.

I know *I* feel better when I shop for electronics, but can’t. When I get anything now, it is with cash. I feel just as good and almost relieved because I know there’s no more debt on my head when I do get something.

When I quit smoking I gained weight too

When I quit smoking I gained weight too. I was a sleek young woman, and then I gained like 50lbs. With the savings from not smoking however, I joined a health club. Of course, ironically the club membership was one of my downfalls with getting into debt. Since the membership was already paid for, once I started my get out of debt plan (besides a low monthly due) and with a tight food budget then, I worked out at that club at least 4 times per week to get rid of stress, weight and get in shape. It worked and was great diversion. Now, I’m not saying run right out and join an expensive gym (not while in debt) but doing any kind of stress relieving regular exercise that’s free or already paid for is a terrific way to let go of any bad habit, such as smoking, overspending, over-eating….etc….

I’ll never be down to 120lbs ever again in my life, now I’m in the mid 130’s and I’m quite happy with that.

Weight is gained and it can be lost (with some effort), but getting a chronic illness from smoking can be irreversible and will cause early death.

They don’t even get into how they suck people in with low grocery and spend millions on marketing to ensure you buy lots more then just what you need. It is not a lack of self control it is thousands of hours of research by people who do nothing but study how to get you to buy what they want you to buy. With the majority of Americans having trouble with debt and over consuming it is like having an AA meeting in the back of a BEV-MO. I have found the Sales and Coupons, Malls and Superstores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target are problem areas and for me to stay on track I have to stay clear. I no longer have TV and I don’t read the Newpaper those marketing people have a real tough time reaching me.

Farmers Markets, Local Speciality stores where I pay a bit more but I stay on track when it comes to spending.

When one is in bad times, the LAST thing they want to hear is how better off they are than others. That doesn’t change the situation one bit. Further, elderly and disabled get government assistance that I pay a fortune for. Billions spent in Iraq. Buffett giving away his billions for education and disease control. I don’t see one charity that helps white middle-aged men that worked loyally for 24 years only to be let go because he was checking on his mom who had her second hip replacement. The bastard boss had no health benefits and no retirement plan and he’s lounging in Tahoe charging exorbitant rent on SF apts. Please DO NOT tell me things could be worse. As I’ve said many times, if it didn’t scare me I’d just go ahead and kill myself to get out of debt.