Many folks are only pointing out what has worked for them

Many folks are only pointing out what has worked for them. You want ideas, there it is.

There actually is a letter someone sent to other members about not being able to pay off a debt, You could print it out (customizing it to your own situation)… and why, as well as others saying they (Debt collectors) cannot come after your benefits like disability, welfare and so on.

Getting out of this debt usually involves a visit to the consumer credit counseling places, and such to get some general ideas, even if you don’t “join” their debt relief programs…; then a chat with legal aid to help -possibly- with getting a lawyer to help you in defining your rights and how to fine tune these rights to your situation. Each one of us is in a different place, and what works for one, may not work for me. Same with someoneelse’s tips not working for you etc.

For example, ARE you with any of the temp agencies? Do you accept other types of work, even though you are a teacher and programmer? What other jobs have you applied for? If you have a disability, have you tried to get some benefit, like medical, or a financial stipend?

I for one, really only know you are in the bay area, you mention teaching and programming, but what was your actual job with the boss who laid you off? More actual details and such presented to am advocacy group in your area would be of far more service. We are in debt, and are working (Some of us) and others aren’t.

However, each case being very individual, it doesn’t seem fair you want direct answers without providing much info about your present income…. if any… and who is or could help you there in your family or such.

I have two Masters degrees (one in Mathematics and one in Sports and Fitness Management). For a year after getting the latter I sent our resumes all over the country to get a job in sports administration – no luck there. Meanwhile I had been working for a small data processing firm where I was the sole programmer on two completely different systems. This was the place where there were no benefits. Then I moved on to a class action claims administrator where the guy searching porn worked. During both of these jobs I had to teach math part time at USF to make ends meet and now my only job is the latter where I make only enough to pay my two mortgages.

I will be happy to send my resume to anyone who thinks they can help get me a better job here in the Bay Area.

As far as friends and family are concerned, I’ve tapped my friends for all I dare and my family refuses to help. Neither group does anything about helping me find a job despite my periodic nagging.