This is a trend with companies down here

I notice this is a trend with companies down here too, they either only hire Part time, or through Temp agencies. This way, they don’t have the responsibility of employee benefits, retirement, etc..etc… One of my neighbor’s kids, 25 years old and he got a data entry job at Chapman U, through a temp agency.

Now, he’d been there a little under four months, and while they make noises about hiring him on perm, the agency is holding and biding their time in stuff they need to do, because as long as Rick works under THEM, they make money.

Then, because we got 3 pay periods in June, regardless of the fact that last one went to JULY bills, SSI is chopping my bennies in half for august. It’s like many folks are being told ‘don’t try to get ahead, we’ll belt ya down some more’. Yeeah!

I work as a legal assistant at a law firm that handles workers’ compensation claims on behalf of the injured worker. More and more companies are using temps for that very reason, to not be responsible for work comp insurance, benefits such as insurance, etc. When injured people do need medical treatment we have to file suit against the temp agency and they are true a**holes to deal with. I am afraid this is going to be more the norm.

Unfortunately, the flip side of what you are discussing are doctors and health professionals who “double dip” on the insurance claims. A good friend of mine used to work for a Workers’ Comp doctor and the doctor billed the insurance twice and always got paid twice.

They get rich over regular working people who have real injuries. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I can spot someone just trying to get a few extra bucks a mile away but the people that are truly hurt get screwed. Some things are just not fair all the way around.

Living like animals

I remember “living like animals” when I was growing up. It was very bad. The hurt will remain with me all my life. Simple joys denied. Being different from everyone else.

A sense of isolation and punishment. The denial of basics led me to graduate from college and law school. I had enough finally. Then, I faced a catastrophic chronic illness. My now is pretty bad and my future may not be worth living. This country has vast richness. I see no excuse for for it. My parents worked as hard as the president of the United States. My life seems to be shaped by the lack of things that are taken for granted by most people.

There is disciplined frugal life. There is also much worse. I do agree that increased earnings do not translate to being debt-free. My law school classmates all complained about their debt. We were expected to have too much too soon.