Just joined, need advice

Hello. my bk was discharged 12/15. i have since then kept on top of my credit. i had about 11 credit cards and some of them had gone into collections. thankfully everything was discharged. however i looked at my credit report and noticed some things that were all wrong. some of the accounts weren’t even mine so i disputed all the wrong entries. is it normal for accounts that are discharged to appear as the same status they were before bk?

like charge offs? is that common. i know what was discharged and i know the companies were notified. i even notified that collection agencies to be on the safe side. i dont get collection calls or mail anymore but i would like to buy a car soon and i don’t want all these inaccuracies on my account. if i cant have them removed atleast i would like them to be correct. i sent all my proof of the discharge to all 3 credit agencies.

i’m just waiting for the results. all advice welcome. thankss much. oh and how hard is it to obtain financing on a vehicle after bk discharge? what should i expect?