Why do we have to live like this

And why do we have to live like this while a few rich politicians are making millions off $3+ a gallon gas that we can’t possibly afford? If they’d give me back all the taxes I paid that went to Irag, etc, I’d be debt free tomorrow.

Don’t you need a credit card for Netflix? Seems renting videos is a “luxury” according to recent posts. Whatever works for each person… I make lists whenever I go out..I try and stay strong and not give in to impulse buying. I can believe it that they spend big bucks in research marketing. It’s good to be aware!

I hate to say it, but it sounds like you have a fairly bad attitude and a major amount of anger.

Let that go. The only person you are harming is you. I’m a little younger than you, but I do know one thing for sure, and it’s when you have that anger and self pity (about whatever you can’t control – like the war in Iraq, your ex boss’s greed…. etc…) it seeps out of you. Even strangers can hear it and see it around you.

Believe it or not – there are things you can probably be grateful and happy about in your life. Change will happen when you change your attitude.

You’re right to feel the way you do, but the only thing that one can say is that no one can predict the future. Sure things can get worse, but there’s always that chance that life will get better too. That’s all many of us cling to, so I do whatever I can to stall what seems to be the inevitable. If I stopped to think about my situation logically, suicide would appear to be the best option here too, so logic doesn’t serve me well. Instead, quantum physics, where uncertainty is the rule, is the better philosophy.

I’ve been pondering whether to join a gym. The cost- I don’t need it. Yet, neglecting my health and weight will cost more down the road. I joined a gym during law school as a buffer to stress. I was reading intensely every waking hour. It was great to take two hours off and do physical activity. I was lucky enough to be able to join a gym where most of my classmates went. People to say ‘hi’ to-it was nice. Perhaps your post will make it happen. I am very ill right now.

And I have every right to be angry and bitter. I could go on about all the bullshit I’ve been through and have received nothing. Save your goddamn platitudes.

One part time thing I do is teach Excel for a corporate training company. After the class, the owner asked me to help with an Excel spreadsheet in which he could determine how much to give himself in wages and how much in dividends. If you make between something like $160,000 and $335,000 the tax bracket is 39% and magically if you make over $335,000 the bracket reduces to 34%!